Moscow administration launched a call for bids and waiting for competing for offers from developers who can create a blockchain-based platform for public services.

The Moscow Department of Information Technology is looking for a contractor who could create a blockchain-based platform for automation of electronic public services. The bid is 56.96 million rubles ($850,000).

According to the tender documentation, the platform should be designed to simplify the procedures of obtaining real estate record extracts and leasing trading places at weekend fairs and other similar services.

Blockchain technology will provide “transparency of electronic services”, as well as reduce costs, the bidding documentation reads.

The platform should also be able to integrate with other decentralized networks of the Moscow government.

This year, the Moscow government will use the blockchain technology in the city parliament elections. On 8 September, the city hall will conduct an experiment on remote Internet voting using blockchain technology in three electoral districts. It will make this process anonymous, promises the Moscow government. Voters will vote through personal dashboards on the site, and their votes in an encoded manner will be stored in the blockchain network.