Canadian blogger Ben Perrin, who runs a cryptocurrency educational Youtube channel, drew crypto scammers around his finger, persuading them to send him their bitcoins.

The Canadian crypto blogger Ben Perrin received a message from cryptocurrency scammers in Instagram who offered him to invest in a bitcoin mining platform. They promised that his invested bitcoins would double every 24 hours.

“I've come across a lot of these people before, they make ridiculous claims. In this case, every 24 hours, they guaranteed me a doubling of my bitcoin, and said that if I would just send them some bitcoin I could start seeing returns,” said Perrin in an interview with Canadian radio station CBC.

Perrin decided to outwit the fraudsters by pretending to be a newbie to cryptocurrencies, who does not understand that scammers offered hum to invest in a Ponzi scheme. He said that he had recently acquired 5 bitcoins for the first time and so far only tries to understand how to manage them.

“I said that I would gladly invest $20,000 with them if they would simply send me $100 back, I could then return it to them, just to ensure that everything was legit.”

After that, Perrin faked a bitcoin wallet statement and sent it to scammers. They believed that Perrin would now send them $20,000, and sent $50 in BTC to his address. Perrin sent money received from scammers to a charity organization that helps starving people of Venezuela.