Recently, after launched on the Binance main site, the content public chain project Contentos (COS), invested by Binance Labs also launched on Bithumb Global and opened COS/USDT, COS/BTC, COS/ETH trading pairs.

Bithumb Global is the world's leading digital asset trading platform, which was launched on May 14, 2019. Faced with the diversified needs of global users, Bithumb Global relies on the technology and brand advantages of the Bithumb platform to provide safe, professional, efficient, convenient and reliable digital asset trading and asset management services to global users.

Contentos builds a free, fair, decentralized global digital content ecosystem through blockchain technology, becoming a decentralized digital content system, trading, and distribution system and social networking infrastructure that enables all members including creators, consumers, and advertisers to earn rewards based on their own contribution to the community.


The decentralized digital content system

Contentos aims to build a decentralized global content incentive and distribution system that allows content producers to go directly to consumers and advertisers for profit, free production, storage, and distribution and becomes a fair measurement of value, open and transparent price, public profit, and multi-win system.

Contentos has an accounting system, a content distribution system, copyright registration, creator certification, liked, commented and forward system, search engine, and etc. Currently, with a user base of 60 million and more than 1 million global content creators, Contentos Eco has created more than 3.46 million videos and 159 million live videos.


Trading and circulation system

Contentos will empower the environment through incentives, and the official fiercely engages in all transactions and circulation within the ecosystem. For example, virtual gifts rewards, advertising, digital content transactions, eco-payment purchases, digital asset wallets, etc. In addition, users can also issue personal digital assets on the Contentos public chain, and buyers can automatically purchase with developers through smart contracts without third-party intermediaries. 


Social network

Contentos will provide a social network that connects everyone, through social distribution with user communication and content-driven as the core, and achieve close collaboration among users through rewards, revenue sharing, and introduction of content partners.

Contentos has once again been recognized by mainstream exchanges after Binance. At the same time, this means that a content public chain with 60 million monthly active users, will work with Bithumb Global to explore the content blockchain ecosystem.

According to the head of Bithumb Global, Contentos has a large number of real user bases and is capable of carrying large amounts of content and massive transactions. This differs from Contentos and other projects. At the beginning of the project, the project accumulated through the sharing of traffic and open content platform operations with partners such as “PhotoGrid”, “Short Video Cheez” and “Live Platform LiveMe”. With more than 60 million monthly active users, this will undoubtedly become an important foundation for Contentos to build a decentralized IP content ecosystem.

On July 29th, Contentos launched test network v0.4 Mars. The average daily transaction number exceeded 65,000, and the average daily active user (DAU) was nearly 10,000. The data performance came from 4 DApps connected to Contentos: PhotoGrid, COS2048, WalkCoin COS.TV. Some marketers expect that with the launch of the Contentos main network in September this year, its development scale will soon reach or exceed the three major public chains.