The Tron ecosystem cryptocurrency lost its positions in the CoinMarketCap ranking, falling to the 14th place by capitalization. After Justin Sun canceled his dinner with Warren Buffett, investors seemed to turn away from Tron.

The active part of the Tron crypto project community is rapidly declining, experts of analytical firm The Tie found out. According to their analysis, mentions of Tron on Twitter, the leading social network for the crypto market, fell by 59% since June 2019.

In June, Tron had approximately 500 daily tweets. But then volumes fell and approached the November 2017 low, The Tie said in a study.

"In August 2019, long-term sentiment on Tron hit an all-time low. Long-term sentiment measures how positive or negative conversations have been over the last 50 days vs. the previous 200. LT sentiment has rebounded slightly but remains extremely bearish."

This may be due to the fact that Justin Sun, founder of Tron, who bought at auction the right to take part in a dinner with the legendary investor Warren Buffett for $4 million, announced that he canceled and postponed the meeting to another date just a few days before the event. It is still unknown when this dinner may happen. The reason for the dinner to be canceled was Sun's urolithiasis, according to Tron's announcement.

At the same time, some the Chinese media reported that Sun had been wanted by China since last fall. Furthermore, Chinese media criticized Justin Sun, who paid millions for a dinner with legendary American investors amid a tighter trade war between the US and China. After those publications, Sun apologized for over-advertising the dinner with Buffett.

The Tron price lost more than 60% since the June peak. Its capitalization fell to $1 billion. In the bitcoin equivalent, the fall of Tron turned out to be even more significant. It fell 80% from the February high.

Activity and the number of mentions in social networks play a vital role for crypto projects. The more follower projects, the higher their level of involvement, the more interest traders pay to the cryptocurrency of this project on exchanges.

Yesterday, crypto analyst Josh Rager accused Justin Sun of buying followers on Twitter. According to him, it can be proved by statistics, according to which the number of Sun’s followers in recent weeks has been growing by 5,000-6,000 daily.