If someone wants to stop bitcoin, he does not need incredible computing power, a quantum computer or super-talented hackers. One needs just short it.

Bitcoin can be destroyed without even trying to crack the blockchain, crypto analyst Alex Kruger believes. According to him, investors themselves will turn their backs on cryptocurrency if the market remains at a low price for a long time.

“Governments could stop bitcoin pretty simply. How? Just short it. Keep it under $1000 for a long while, watch most people lose interest permanently. No need to bother with 51% attacks,” Kruger tweeted.

The analyst responded to the message of another trader who wrote that in order to stop bitcoin, governments need “just” to the financial surveillance, inflation, artificial interest rates, deficit spending, fractional reserve banking and capital controls.

Many enthusiasts believed that it were shortists who were the cause of the crypto winter in 2018. Traders, mainly arriving from the traditional financial markets, came to short bitcoin using bitcoin futures on the Chicago CME and Cboe exchanges. Evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos was among those who predicted that bitcoin futures will give opportunity for those who wanted to short bitcoin.

“Who's gonna short bitcoin, that's a question. I get a lot related to the CME futures. Who the hell would short Bitcoin? Well, I think when trading opens on December 10th actually we might see quite a lot of short activity. Bitcoin is so volatile because you can't take a position against it, so if you can't short it if it starts pumping then the price can really just go to extreme heights without any downward pressure. And it's unbalanced in that way, so who'd short? Maybe some traders, maybe some investment banks who are going to short bitcoin. But I think the most interesting possibility is that the people who take short positions with the least amount of risk are miners.”

Furthermore, Antonopoulos expected that bitcoin volatility could decrease after bitcoin futures started trading due to the arrival of large-scale investors. For this reason or another, but the volatility of bitcoin has really fallen dramatically in the last two years and reached an almost historic low. This may indicate consolidation, which will be replaced by a sharp price movement,  either up or down.