In Russian, three policemen accused of illegally seizing mining equipment worth more than half a million dollars. They used the seized equipment for cryptocurrency mining on their own.

Three former police officers in the Smolensk region are accused of illegally seizing a mining farm, which they used to mine cryptocurrency for personal enrichment. Currently, they are accused of abuse of authority, official forgery and fraud on an especially large scale. Their case was submitted to court.

According to the announcement of the Russian Investigative Committee, the crime occurred in February 2018.

"They misled the computer equipment operator by insisting in the alleged fact that this equipment had been used to steal electricity in the shopping center, they seized all the computer equipment for cryptocurrency mining available in the building." After the seizure, the equipment was transported to the utility rooms in one of the hotel complexes, where the police disposed of it for personal enrichment, mining cryptocurrency.

Two police officers were dismissed from service in 2018, while the deputy chief of the Vyazemsky inter-municipal department was dismissed from service this year in connection with this case which "defames the honor of an internal affairs officer."

According to the Russian Investigative Committee, former policemen illegally seized at least 236 Antminers, 63 units of other equipment, including motherboards, power supplies, processors, RAM, coolers, and GPUs. The total material damage was estimated at more than 40 million rubles.

The seized equipment was partially found.