The creator of the social network Facebook published his traditional annual post with goals for the coming year. In 2020, Mark Zuckerberg decided to talk about his plans for the next decade.

Each year, Mark Zuckerberg, creator of the Facebook social network, shares his goals and plans for the coming year with his subscribers. In 2020, Zuckerberg decided to expand the planning horizon and outline the development path of the company and himself for the next 10 years.

“This decade I'm going to take a longer term focus. Rather than having year-to-year challenges, I've tried to think about what I hope the world and my life will look in 2030 so I can make sure I'm focusing on those things.”

The "Decentralizing Opportunity" is mentioned in the list of those things that Zuckerberg thinks will be important in the next decade. In his opinion, social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp are designed to focus on helping entrepreneurship.

“Over the next decade, we hope to build the commerce and payment tools so that every small business has easy access to the same technology that previously only big companies have had."

Zuckerberg also noted such initiatives as augmented and virtual reality and focus on the development of local communities within the framework of a global social platform.

Zuckerberg recalled that one of the reasons for creating Facebook was his desire to “give people a voice”, to expand the capabilities of his generation, which at that time felt marginalized and insufficiently heard in the world. “These tools have given power to lots of different groups across society.” Now Zuckerberg hopes to focus his efforts that will primarily help the next generation, like investing in curing, preventing and managing all diseases, or customizing education. “Over the next decade, we'll focus more on funding and giving a platform to younger entrepreneurs, scientists, and leaders to enable these changes.”

Finally, Zuckerberg emphasizes the need to create thoughtful and time-sensitive legislation governing areas such as cybersecurity and privacy.

“One of the big questions for the next decade is: how should we govern the large new digital communities that the internet has enabled? Platforms like Facebook have to make tradeoffs on social values we all hold dear -- like between free expression and safety, or between privacy and law enforcement, or between creating open systems and locking down data and access. It's rare that there's ever a clear "right" answer, and in many cases it's as important that the decisions are made in a way that feels legitimate to the community.” According to Zuckerberg, technology companies are now forced to face daily challenges related to fundamental democratic questions.