If we briefly recall a history of the blockchain economy, we may say, that 2013 was a year of Bitcoin when the general public realized the power of digital gold, 2017-2018  were the years of ICO’s, and 2019 - the year of Defi. Defi applications offer some new and exciting opportunities for generating passive income in crypto, which determined their success in the community.

Staking of cryptocurrency slowly but surely becomes one of the promising opportunities to get passive income, not related to the banking sector. It is not surprising that stake-as-a-service companies recently attracted a lot of attention.

One of the successful examples is PLATINCOIN, the digital ecosystem of crypto-ATMs and e-commerce shops where the token is staked with a goal to incentify economic agents and accelerating ecosystem growth.

PLATINCOIN is the world's first cryptocurrency specifically designed for creating passive income and various sources of cash flow, as well as for mass use as a payment instrument, and for trading in international exchanges. PLATINCOIN is already a large cryptocurrency ecosystem with 500,000 users worldwide. The company’s ecosystem includes more than 10 high-tech products and services.

Recently, PLATINCOIN has listed its coin PLC on one of the major cryptocurrencies exchanges in the world - Bithumb Global - with a goal to grow its community, shared the company in the official statement:

“One of the main objectives for PLATINCOIN in 2020 is to grow our community to 5 million people. And one of the steps towards achieving this goal is our entry and reinforcement on the Asian market”

According to the cofounder of  PLATINCOIN Alex Reinhardt Asian region presents the biggest opportunities in bringing blockchain to the mass adoption, and the company pushes this adoption, by building the infrastructure that includes mining mini-computer PLC Secure Box, ATM cryptomats to exchange PLC into fiat, PoS-terminals, online marketplace, payment system and fiat-crypto exchanger:

“We are creating exchanges, funds, debit cards, post terminals, ATMs, Vending machines etc. We are creating the whole infrastructure”

To bring cryptocurrency even closer to people, PLATINCOIN has installed the vending machine for the guests of the biggest blockchain educational event in decade CHAIN2020. But more importantly, as shared in the movie “Unchaining China” from The Future is Now, PLATINCOIN allows everyone to try out the technology:

“PLATINCOIN  has created their own blockchain that daily rewards of the holders through the proof-of-stake-technology, enabling the users to truly feel the power of crypto community”

Thanks to minting, a form of coin mining via special software "Power MINTER", that connects smartphones to the blockchain, anyone can receive a stable 30% yield per year. At the same time, the company gives a 3-year 100% guarantee of the Power MINTER equipment cost refund.

The ecosystem is growing dynamically. Besides listing on Bithumb Global and other milestones, in April 2019, PLC Group AG and the Swedish terminal manufacturing company Cyclebit entered into a strategic partnership agreement, according to which 200,000 outlets equipped with Cyclebit payment terminals will accept the company’s coin as a means of payment.