LocalBitcoins customers reportedly lost 17 BTC when the client support chat on the company’s website was hacked.

The LocalBitcoins vice president Nikolaus Kangas confirmed that the live chat accounts had been compromised on the website’s forum. “Within those chats, the impostor provided links to download executables, which probably had key loggers or other malicious software”, he writes in a post.

After some investigation, Kangas reported that 3 users had been affected and about 17 BTC had been stolen through those attacks in total. Later, Kangas sent out emails to customers promising to refund their “losses which were related to their localbitcoins account”. A user complained, however, that more than 20 BTC had been stolen from his bitfinex account through the same hacker attack.

The next day, on January 28th, the Ukranian cryptocurrency exchange Btc-trade acknowledged the hack of its wallets and the loss of 30 BTC. The company temporarily suspended their services for security reasons until further investigation and published a notice on their website promising complete refunds. Customers are invited to fill in a Google form with details of their wallets to make it easier to identify their accounts.  On a forum, the company claims that they have completed the process of collecting the customers’ data and plan to start the identification of accounts over the weekend.

Btc-trade launched in June 2014 and has had positive feedback from customers so far. Their Facebook account indicates that the company is based in Dnipropetrovsk, according to the contacts page. According to the exchange’s Twitter feed, Btc-trade had experienced technical problems for several days before the shutdown. On January 7th and 20th, there were reports about DDoS attacks on the website.

The company's official Facebook post reads:

“We've been hacked, we've lost funds, not all but some, we'll try to refund everything... currently the investigation is going on, loss is approximately 30 BTC”