The so-called Satoshi Roundtable, organised by Bruce Fenton together with a group of bitcoin enthusiasts, will take place between February 6th and 8th at an unspecified location on an unnamed Caribbean island. Among the attendees will be fifty leaders of the bitcoin ecosystem, including Roger Ver, Nic Cary, Nick Sullivan, Peter Todd and others.


The website for the event shows a picture of a beach, a list of confirmed attendees, and an apology about the limited space. The organisers have set up a waiting list for other bitcoin enthusiasts in case places become available, but make no promises to be back in touch. The logo of the event features knights with covered faces, whose swords stretch out to touch a golden digital coin, the image of a chain, and the Shiba Inu Japanese dog associated with dogecoin.


Following a CoinDesk article that suggested the event would be a “Bilderberg-style” meeting, many community members expressed concerns about the elitism and secrecy surrounding the event. Responding to these accusations, Fenton stressed on the Bitcointalk and Reddit forums that the event is not secret. “It's like a private dinner but we will make every effort to make it as transparent as possible,” he explained in a thread about the meeting on The rationale behind this event is to allow people to speak more freely about issues of regulation and cryptocurrency abuse without members of the public or the press present, according to Fenton.


He gave an example:

“I’m a very vocal critic of Ben Lawsky. Some CEOs might feel the same way but would not discuss it publicly due to fear of regulatory punishment.”The idea of the meeting was conceived at a bitcoin conference in Toronto when Nic Cary and Bruce Fenton agreed to organise an event “with more time to just hang out with the speakers”.

After Fenton made sure Dave Carlson and Roger Ver were in, he picked a location which was limited to 50 places and sent out invitations to, among others, fifteen  of his friends and about fifteen leaders in the industry. In a reply to a reddit user, Fenton claimed that very few people had declined the invitations and no one had refused to attend on ideological grounds.