Coinfinity, an Austrian bitcoin company, has made bitcoin purchases possible at 600 locations all over the country.

Bitcoinbon, a new application by Coinfinity, allows users to buy bitcoin in small local shops in Austria. Over six hundred merchants, mostly tobacconists, have joined the project. In Austria and neighbouring countries, it is usual for such small shops to sell all sorts of stamps as well as phone and gift cards, so adding one more item to their stock does not change much in their routine. Coinfinity plans to increase the number of shops selling bitcoin to 1,200 later this year.

Customers purchase a voucher with a fixed price of €25, €50, or €100 and receive a code that can be activated on the Bitcoinbon website, after which the equivalent sum in bitcoin is transferred to the specified wallet. According to Coinfinity, the prices “are based on the EUR/BTC trading pair at the biggest exchanges offering this combination” but are “somewhat higher” because several parties are involved in the transaction. A cheaper solution is the first bitcoin ATM in Austria, operating since June 2014 and also run by Coinfinity, but there is only one of these, situated in Graz, so it is hard to access for most Austrian citizens.

The new partnership is similar to recent projects in South Korea, where customers of 7-Eleven supermarkets can buy $50 worth of bitcoin, or in Taiwan, where bitcoin is accessible through 5,000 convenience stores. The easier bitcoin is to buy, the more popular it may become. According to Reddit users, bitcoin is not yet very popular in Austria. Reddit user martinus remarked that “nobody here in Austria seems to care about bitcoin” and the only place he can use bitcoins is, an online food ordering website. Still, this may change in the future. Another Reddit user, Gabrielit, wrote that he convinced the owner of an Austrian perfume shop to start accepting bitcoins and she is currently waiting for her wallet to be approved.