The bitcoin event scheduled for March 14th on the island of Dominica has been cancelled due to the lack of “logistical support”, organizers explained.

The party-like bitcoin event was announced in August 2014 and planned to distribute small amounts of bitcoin to 70,000 island residents. Organizers solicited donations of 0.1 BTC in exchange entering users into a lottery to win a ticket to the party. Some of the companies involved in organizing the event included Coinapult, Aspen Assurance, Bitcoin Beauties, and College Cryptocurrency Network (CCN).

The organisers confirmed the cancellation on Wednesday 11 February. “Thank you to everyone who supported @TheBitDrop, we regret to announce the event has been canceled,” the event’s Twitter feed reads.

Justin Blincoe, Coinapult’s Chief Operating Officer, explained that no contract had been signed with local partners, who had given a misleading impression. “It was an ambitious project, our national partners led us to believe they would help with the project, but then they didn’t,” said Blincoe. He added: “They just weren’t able to support the project like we thought.”

The organisers promise to refund everyone who has donated so far. “We have taken every effort to ensure all participants, attendees, and organizers have been notified accordingly, and we have also initiated the refund process for all our amazing supporters who made donations for the event,” Freya Stevens, Marketing Specialist at Coinapult, one of the leading organizers of the event, told local media.

A user on Reddit expressed doubts about the technical aspect of the refund process. “This is one of those problem areas when using Bitcoin. Let’s say I sent the donation from a custodial wallet otherwise known as a hosted (shared) E-wallet. I don’t have the private key – for the Bitcoin address used in paying, so a refund to that address would go to someone else. I can’t even sign a message to prove that I was the party that sent the funds because I don’t have the private key,” they elaborated.