Happy couples can use bitcoin to book flights, hotels, spa weekends, buy jewellery, flowers, or virtual gifts. And if there is no one special in your life just yet, bitcoin can help, too.

On the eve of Saint Valentine’s day, various bitcoin websites are suggesting ways to celebrate it with some help from the cryptocurrency. According to these websites, bitcoins can cover all kinds of holiday expenses.

A classic way of celebrating Valentine’s Day is travelling somewhere with your loved one. So, if you have bitcoins, you can book a flight  with Btctrip.com or CheapAir.com, and a hotel room with Expedia. A visit to Theatre Tickets Direct may land you a night in London’s West End if you live in Britain; in the US, a spa weekend is just as easy to pay for in bitcoin with a Spafinder gift card on Gyft, advises Coingecko.

All sorts of different gifts can be bought for bitcoin on Overstock , which has even set up an Overstock Valentine’s Gift Finder. And Gyft offers a variety of gift cards for all kinds of shops. For those who prefer virtual gifts, there is Zebpay with its new feature, ‘Magic Moments’, and ChangeTip, which promises “a surprise in store that you’ll just have to wait to see”. And if you are ready for that next step, REEDS Jewelers can sell you an engagement ring for bitcoins and send it anywhere in the world. The list of bitcoin gifts compiled by Mashable, last year included alpaca socks to make your partner “eternally grateful” and pet portraits. Some of the stranger options include a dog bandana  proclaiming “Be My Bitcoin Valentine”.

Of course, flowers are one of the most popular items on Valentine’s Day. In the US, they can be bought at CheapFlowers.com. One of their customers complained that “the name is rather unfortunate” but he could not find other bitcoin flower services and in the end the name of the company did not figure on the bouquet his girlfriend received. Another company, offering “handcrafted bouquets from artisan florists”, is BloomNation. According to its CEO, on Valentine’s Day 2014 customers paying with bitcoins were not very numerous but they were more generous than the others, spending, on average, $150 for flowers. Other popular bitcoin flower shops include BitRoses, operating in the US and Canada, and many more round the world, like Hong Kong Flower Delivery, and since the middle of 2014 a shop in Moscow.

Some bitcoin enthusiasts celebrated a bitcoin-only Valentine’s Day last year. One of them, Justin Hawleydiscovered that merchants using bitcoin were very hard to find, but once found, they were so eager to use bitcoin that they gladly offered him discounts. He used bitcoins to book a bed-and-breakfast, tickets to the theatre, and a chauffeured high-end car.

And what to do if there is no-one in your life to celebrate Valentine’s Day with this year? In that case, Coindesk recommends signing up to the matchmaking site OkCupid  which accepts bitcoin for its premium features, and “give love a chance”.