Bitcoin has reached the point of $239 at 16.00 GMT on Friday, 13th February, according to the Coindesk BPI. The price has grown by 7% since trading opened today.


This is the third time that the price of bitcoin has risen significantly after it fell sharply in the beginning of January. The price started falling on January 7th, after BitStamp, a major bitcoin exchange, halted its services after coming under a hacker attack. Since then, a maximum of $271.95 was reached on January 26th, followed by another down-and-up swing, reaching $237.54 on February 2nd.

The rise started after a week of stable trading on the markets. Several days ago, reports began to spread about Google’s potential integration of bitcoin into its rumoured mobile payments system Plaso, which would compete with Apple's iOS-based, NFC-driven ApplePay.