BitPay has announced a partnership with PeachDish, an online service providing its clients with everything needed to cook an elegant dinner for two. 

The new partnership, finalised by BitPay on November 24th, is supposed to answer an objection popular with bitcoin skeptics: “Bitcoin sounds great, but I can’t even buy dinner with it”. PeachDish is an Atlanta-based startup that delivers meals anywhere in the contiguous United States. 

The food has to be ordered four days in advance (three days in advance if the client lives in Atlanta) and the meal can be chosen from a menu featuring at least two vegetarian and two meat- or fish-based meals. The menu for March 3rd, for instance, includes such options as a lemony lobster risotto with parmesan and dill (pictured above) or roasted chicken legs with butter beans and herbed dumplings.

PeachDish does not cook its meals. Instead, it provides fresh ingredients with recipes and instructions by professional chefs. As the food portions are provided for two people, it gives couples the chance to cook a meal together. A meal for two costs $25 plus $7 for shipping (or $25 if the customer lives on the West Coast, far away from Atlanta). There are special discounts for permanent clients and new customers get $7 off a meal kit.