A global campaign celebrating women’s achievements in digital currency will be launched on March 8th under the name of Bitcoin Women’s Day.

For the first time since Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin, the digital currency community will join the celebration of the International Women’s Day. The event is sponsored by the Digital Currency Council, the Bitcoin Foundation, BitPay, ChangeTip, and other prominent stakeholders in the bitcoin community.

Sarah Boone Martin, CEO of the global communications firm Boone Martin and the initiator of Bitcoin Women’s Day, told Cryptocoinsnews that the idea came to her mind after the success of the Bitcoin Giving Tuesday: on December 2nd, 2014, bitcoiners were encouraged to give microdonations to charity organizations that accept bitcoin and the number of blockchain transactions broke previous records. She saw the International Women’s Day as a “great opportunity to spread the word about Bitcoin while celebrating women in our industry”.

Currently, according to a recent study, just 8% of bitcoin users are women. Nevertheless, many women play a prominent role in bitcoin startups. Some of them also support the celebration, notably Elizabeth Ploshay of BitPay, Victoria van Eyk of ChangeTip, Perianne Boring of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, and Tatiana Moroz of Bitcoin Magazine.

On March 8th, the organizers suggest that bitcoin users take a moment to think about women, “highlight their unique expertise in the Bitcoin ecosystem and encourage other women to learn more about Bitcoin during this massive, one-day global outreach and education campaign”. The community asks users to send a tweet in support of @womensday and leave an inspiring message, a text, or a video.

They also suggest donating to a charity foundation that helps women and girls. Nine organizations that accept bitcoin are named, including Care International, Global Impact, and the American Red Cross.