Bitcoin Center Korea opened its doors on February 28, when the launch event gathered over 40 members of the Korean bitcoin community.


Now anyone can drop in to the centre to ask a question and try bitcoin services, including exchange to and from Korean Won. Last week, a Lamassu bitcoin ATM operated by Digital Synergy was installed in the Bitcoin Center Korea – the third bitcoin ATM in Seoul, according to The centre offers co-working and conference spaces as well.

"In order to take bitcoin adoption in Korea to the next level, we need to change the perception of bitcoin from a strictly high-risk investment to a potential mainstream currency," said Terry Jang,a  co-founder of Digital Synergy, a Korean digital currency startup.

The full press release has not been published yet but the Bitcoin Center Korea has already announced bitcoin trading programming classes to take place at the center every Thursday.

 “We are forming teams who will build real bitcoin trading bots through the program. The project is powered by and you can join the project and a fleet before Thursday online there,” the announcement on reads.

The centre plans to run regular meet-ups on Tuesdays that aim to educate people who are new to bitcoin and provide a space for bitcoin enthusiasts to share their knowledge and experience. A series of events is already scheduled on the Centre's website.The languages of the events are Korean and English.

“Education is the key to bitcoin's adoption, and having a common place for discussion and networking will provide more opportunities for developers and users alike," said John Ra, a second co-founder of Digital Synergy.