Bitcoins in Ireland has published the preliminary results of its global survey. So far, bitcoiners from 53 countries have answered the 35 questions of the survey.

The “Worldwide Bitcoin Survey 2015” was launched by Bitcoins in Ireland in March, with the idea “to get an understanding of the type of people who use, mine, trade, or have a general interest in bitcoin, plus those who’ve never heard of it before.” Those who answer the questions of the survey can leave their bitcoin address and may get one of the randomly distributed prizes of 0.05 BTC. The survey will finish on May 31st, by which date the organizers hope to get at least 1,000 responses. During the first month, 170 respondents from 53 different countries answered the questions. Preliminary results have been published on the company’s website and on the Bitcoin Talk Forum.  

Unsurprisingly, the bitcoin community revealed itself once more as young and overwhelmingly male. While there is one 78-year-old respondent, a large majority of respondents is younger than 40 and some are younger than 18.

The most frequent years of birth are 1984 and 1979. Male respondents make up 89% of the sample, with another 2 choosing not to reveal their gender. From the geographic point of view, the greatest number of respondents came from the USA, followed by Britain and the Netherlands. Still, all the continents are represented.
99% of those who answered the survey have a bitcoin wallet and 51% actively use bitcoins. 80% are registered on a bitcoin exchange. 51% tried bitcoin gambling and 37% tried bitcoin mining. They are also trying to recruit other people into bitcoin: 80% said they managed to convince at least one person to use bitcoins.

What may seem most surprising among those who answered the survey is the level of optimism. 16% reported they had lost access to a wallet in the past and 26% said they had lost bitcoins because a bitcoin exchange went down, was hacked, or could not protect their account. Nevertheless, their participation in the survey shows they are not easily discouraged by such setbacks.