An American bitcoiner told Cryptocoinsnwws how bitcoins help his family to survive in conditions where anything else would not work.

Cryptocoinsnews launched a story contest asking their readers to say what bitcoin means for them. The author of the best story each month will receive 1 bitcoin as a reward. One of the first stories to be published comes from an American who has relatives in Eastern Ukraine, writing under the nickname CryptoReporter.

He wrote that his relatives, a poorly grandmother and a partially blind cousin with a baby, are unable to move out of Eastern Ukraine and are unable to support themselves. “They have spent the last year with bombs from both sides dropping in all around them.” The banks in the region are closed and postal packages with food and winter clothes do not arrive at their destination.

The only way to help his relatives, CryptoReporter says, is through bitcoin. As he does not speak Russian or Ukrainian, he told his cousin how to set up a wallet using Google Translate and Skype. And his cousin “found out there is a pretty good underground market place where people accept lots of different currencies for goods, including bitcoin.” Of course, the exchange rates are very disadvantageous. But there are no other options, says CryptoReporter.

He also used bitcoin to set up an Etsy store for his mother-in-law, now living in the US, where she can sell her handmade crocheted items. The store’s webpage also tells his family’s story.

He finishes his submission by saying:

“Bitcoin truly is LIFE. All of us sitting here in the USA and other Western countries can’t grasp its power yet”.

CoinFox has reported on the situation with bitcoins in Ukraine in the past. In February, there were reports that weapons, ammunition, and information were bought with bitcoins by both sides in the civil war in Eastern Ukraine. Later, Michael Chobanian, the founder of the Bitcoin Embassy of Ukraine, told CoinFox that bitcoin was extensively used by Ukrainians, including businessmen working with China, as the price of the local currency was going down and authorities imposed restrictions on foreign currencies. Later in March, the head of the Ukrainian State Security Service told he was going to block bitcoins used to finance Eastern Ukrainian separatists.