The Bitcoin Conference Russia event will take place in Moscow on April 2, 2015. The organisers plan to prepare a document addressed to the country’s authorities in support of cryptocurrencies in Russia.

The project of a ban on cryptocurrencies has been in development by the Russian Ministry of Finance for about a year. The draft law is based on an attempt to counteract ‘surrogate money’. Earlier this year, CoinFox reported that a new draft of the law defined cryptocurrencies as ‘surrogate money’ while gift certificates, air miles, and other marketing bonuses are not. The public discussion period for the draft law that bans ‘surrogate money’ in the Russian Federation is now closed. In January 2015, Russian regulators blocked some cryptocurrencies related websites including

The conference will have a new forum format, which encourages an open dialogue between speakers and guests, Natalia Gavrilenko, the organiser, told The event will focus on the idea of bitcoin as the “cryptocurrency of the future” and on the current threat of ban of bitcoin in Russia. The organisers have taken into account the current financial crisis in the country and have reduced attendance fees accordingly.

The organisers plan to prepare a petition on cryptocurrencies and to distribute it at the event. Those who agree with it will be able to sign it in support of cryptocurrencies in Russia. The organisers hope that the document will be heard by the authorities and are ready to fight for the future of cryptocurrencies in Russia, Gavrilenko said.

According to Gavrilenko, some representatives of the Russian government structures are scheduled to speak at the conference. The names have not been revealed. Three bitcoin events were organised in 2014 in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Kiev. Speakers of the Bitcoin conference Russia 2014 included the famous angel investor Roger Ver and Michael Chobanian who spoke to CoinFox last week about the situation in Ukraine. 

 There will be three panels at the conference, one each on political, social, and business aspects of cryptocurrencies, and the main focus will be on the legal aspect of bitcoin in the currently unfavourable regulatory climate. The speakers will discuss how likely legal bans are, who profits from controlling access to web resources about cryptocurrencies, and how can users protect themselves from hackers and unreliable partners. There will be presentations about businesses that fight for their right to work with bitcoin in Russia. Free legal advice will be available at the conference.

 “We are going to observe the development of the situation in Russia. If cryptocurrencies will be banned on the legislative level, we’ll adapt to the situation. But we’re not going to stop. So please follow our updates,” Gavrilenko said.