Polychemy, a Singapore-based startup, produces jewellery made with 3D printing and designed by the customer.

The company Polychemy (abbreviation of ‘polygon alchemy’) “was founded in 2012 in sunny Singapore by a Group of Artists and Programmers”, says the site. Polychemy aims to bring together fashion and technology, creating highly personalized yet high-quality products. 

It offers a range consisting of basic jewellery designs, mostly rings, pendants, and necklaces that can be personalized. Customers can specify the size, the precious metal (silver, palladium, platinum, different kinds of gold) and the gem stone if there is a place for one (eleven different gem stones can be chosen, from a $2 amethyst to $78 emeralds and diamonds). Most designs also have room for text – monograms, initials or names. The customers can choose the text and, in some cases, also the script.

There are even pendants where the customers can write with non-Latin characters: Hindi, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian and many others. Among the most interesting Polychemy products are a Braille text ring and a QR code pendant. One of the customers is known to have encrypted his Bitcoin wallet on the QR code pendant.

Before placing the order, customers can see the final design in 3D. The cost can range from $100 to $250 depending on the metal and gems chosen. When the order is placed, the jewellers create moulds using 3D printers and 3D gravers work with the metal itself. It takes 10 to 20 days to complete an order. The shipment is free worldwide.

More traditional kinds of jewellery are also available for purchasing with cryptocurrency. CoinFox already wrote about U.S.-based REED Jewelers and UK-based Diadem Jewellery who also accept bitcoins.


Alexey Tereshchenko