A bitcoin tipping service, ChangeTip now allows users to send digital currency to the authors of their favourite clips. They can do it through the Comments section of the SoundCloud website.

ChangeTip disclosed the terms of tipping in their blog:

“We are very excited to announce that we have launched tipping functionality on SoundCloud! SoundCloud has been your most requested platform, and we’ve listened.”

The company created instructions on how to send tips via SoundCloud. First users should login at ChangeTip, than сhoose SoundCloud in a special menu. 

To donate bitcoins, users should write special type of comment, like:

“@ChangeTip send this awesome artist $5”

Besides donating bitcoins to artists, ChangeTip also allows to donate bitcoins to fellow commentators on SoundCloud.

ChangeTip, “Love Button on the Internet”, previously supported tips in bitcoin via more than 35 social platforms including Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, GooglePlus, Tumblr, and GitHub. The San Francisco-based startup allows users to specify the size of their tip in fiat currencies or ‘monikers’, which encourages users to be creative.

This year ChangeTip successively introduced tipping on Facebook. To send bitcoins to a Facebook friend with the new service, users need to log into their ChangeTip account, then find the Facebook button and type in the name and the amount they wish to send. The users who have already tested the new option found it inconvenient in comparison with Twitter and Reddit, where they can send tips on the spot without going to changetip.com. 

Recently ChangeTip supported Bitcoin community campaign to aid Nepal. The company suggested that users could send donations to the Red Cross working in the region of the disaster.


Roman Korizky