XBT Provider, a subsidiary of KnC mining company, started trading exchange-traded notes on the Swedish exchange. One can find information about it on NASDAQ Nordix

The company started trading its papers at 09:00 AM 18 May CET. Nasdaq Nordix officially registered the papers and declared the trading open.

At the moment it is too early to speak about any significant increase in price. Yet at 10:00 exchange registered 41 bids to buy new papers.

It is important to note that XBT Provider do not trade the shares, but specially designed exchange-traded notes. This means that the possible profit from these notes is based not on the performance of a certain company, but on the performance of the market index (in this case - the index of the bitcoin). This makes it yet another instrument of bitcoin investment.

“The instrument is listed in SEK and has exposure to bitcoin and USD. As the BTC/USD market is the most liquid bitcoin market widely available for trading, we regard it as the most suitable underlying asset in a bitcoin product.”

XBT Provider is registered in Sweden and is a subsidiary of KnC, a company that gained a certain reputation due to the problems with their bitcoin mining equipment. As CoinFox reported earlier, customers of KnC tried to sue the company for faulty equipment manufacturing. KnC Public Relations division in the interview to CoinFox denied all accusations and stated that many things were simply made up

Nasdaq Nordix is a subsidiary of NASDAQ that gathers information from the markets in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway. “Nasdaq Nordic exchanges is the home of approximately 720 listed companies. We give the ideas of tomorrow access to capital today.”