A new movie “Dope” that will run in cinemas from 19 June features a high-school geek who is enthusiastic about the future of bitcoin. The tickets to the screening can be purchased in cryptocurrency.

The bitcoin payment option for tickets in U.S. cinemas became available as a result of the collaboration between Open Road Film studio, a tickets vendor MovieTickets.com and a cryptocurrency payment provider GoCoin.

“Dope” makes bitcoin an essential part of the story: the characters use it and talk about it. The protagonist Malcolm says in the film:

“I just read that money as we know it is dead. Soon the world is only going to buy and sell products using Bitcoins. It’s like a complicated math equation.”

The filmmakers revealed that the decision to accept payment in bitcoin comes naturally from the key role that bitcoin plays in the plot. 

“Bitcoin is an integral part of ‘Dope’ and we could not be more excited to bring this unique new opportunity to moviegoers,” Open Road Chief Marketing Officer Jason Cassidy said in a statement.

The bitcoin community expressed some worries about the problematic image of bitcoin in the movie. According to the trailer, bitcoin is used to buy drugs but it also helps the “geeks” out in a “bad situation”. 

“The Irony is that we are using bitcoin to watch a movie not buy drugs so at least that's something,” one Reddit user wrote. 

In the news about “Dope” the press presented bitcoin as a drug-related currency that owes its appearance and existence to the Silk Road website and Dark Web.

This is not the first instance of film industry interest in bitcoin. Last month GoCoin teamed up with Lionsgate Film Studio to allow cinemagoers to pay for tickets in bitcoin.


Aliona Chepel