A group of bitcoin enthusiasts installed the first bitcoin ATM in Greece. If you are in Athens, you can buy digital currency in Orizontes bookshop. 

CoinFox editor, Alexei Tereschenko found ATM on CoinATMRadar:

“First bitcoin ATM launched in Greece. This is a one-way Satoshi1 bitcoin machine which is located at Orizontes Bookstore in Acharnes.”

The address is IOANNOU THIVAIOU 20 Acharnes, P.C. 13673. Operating company is EasyBitLLC.

It is not very far from Athens’ city centre. According to Google Maps, it takes 40 minutes by public transport or 25 minutes by car to reach Akropolis and other tourist sites in the Greek capital’s city centre.

The bitcoin community received the news enthusiastically. There were many rumours that the present government of Greece might embrace bitcoin soon to avoid bankruptcy. The country is now in a critical situation, according to the BBC.

This week, Greece needs to pay the IMF loan back, but it has no money to do so. To receive an emergency credit from the European countries the government of PM Alexis Tsipras has to cut pensions, raise energy prices and cut salaries in the public sector. The populist prime minister does not agree to reforms that might damage his rating inside the country. As a result, Greece may face a default and (in the worst case scenario) leave the Eurozone in the nearest future.

Some people think, that the Greek crisis may affect the price of bitcoin.