Cegeka, a Belgium-based Big Data company, develops blockchain applications for the European banks. Head of the Dutch division, Marco Witteveen disclosed the details to the local newspaper, De Tijd. According to the top manager, Cegeka will develop the applications with the help of the Romanian programmers.
“The public ledger is a disruptive thing. This technology can cause the great upheavals not only in the financial world, but also outside. You can use public ledger for other uses than payment.”
The company began the application testing, says Witteveen.
“We test it with credit documentation of ABN AMRO bank. This application can be a unique selling position of Cegeka.”
Cegeka group works with Big Data different applications for the finance and healthcare industries. “We have specific solutions for the healthcare, social security, retail, logistics, industry, public and financial sectors,” says the official press release. 
In 2014, the company profit grew to 19.70 million euro from 14.54 million euro reported in 2013. This year, Cegeka is expanding to southern and northern Europe, hiring programmers in Romania and building new data centres in the Netherlands
European banks are exploring the possible uses of the blockchain technology. This April, the Wall Street Journal reported that UBS, a major Swiss bank, would open a technology lab to explore the potential of the blockchain. In June, a group of Swiss investors decided to register a separate bitcoin bank in Switzerland. Some days later, LHV bank Estonia and a Colored Coins software company ChromaWay AB created a new blockchain-based platform and a wallet for P2P transactions in Euros.
Roman Korizky