More than one fourth of parents in the UK pay their children in digital currencies, the Telegraph reports.

According to a poll that interviewed 2,000 UK parents, it is now a usual thing to give children their pocket money in digital currencies. Parents pay digitally because children need online funds for gaming websites that accept bitcoin, such as Minecraft, and to buy music and apps online on iTunes.

One third of parents transfer a weekly pocket money sum to children's digital wallets. Parents also top up their children's digital accounts on iTunes and Xbox.

The survey was commissioned by a fintech firm Intelligent Environments and carried out by Censuswide. Intelligent Environments provides clients with a software platform for online and mobile digital banking.

David Webber, managing director at Intelligent Environments said:

“ … our research shows that in a world of apps, e-books, digital music, and online games, more children than ever are asking for their weekly allowance digitally to fuel modern-day spending such as in-app purchases, in-game currency and digital music downloads.”

CoinFox reported earlier that PlayMC,  child-friendly Minecraft server, introduced an option to earn bitcoins while playing a game. Other gaming websites to adopt bitcoin are Bitquest that allows players to buy and sell items using bitcoin micropayments and SatoshiFarm where users can earn bitcoins by building and selling virtual produce for satoshis.


Aliona Chapel