Main bitcoin tread on Reddit has more than 170.000 subscribers. The bitcoiners hope that it will be in top-200 of all Reddit treads

The milestone was reached around 20:00 CET on 21 of July. User “self.bitcoin” celebrated it with the post in r/Bitcoin.

“Milestones unlocked – Celebrate” wrote self.bitcoin

Community celebrated the milestone with many comments.

“We need 210,000 subscribers!” wrote user under alias AbsoluteZero2

Other people suggested to promote the subreddit and put into Reddit top-200

“Woohoo! Ranked #201 - next milestone (end of the week?) is in the Top 200!” wrote djskibo

Subreddit /r/Bitcoin is one of the key centers for the meeting of Bitcoin community online. It has been online for a long time and grows with the increasing speed. Currently community has 13 admins. One of the key admins is theymos. He enjoys certain authority over the problematic and uneasy bitcoin community. Sometimes he had to manage the conflicts between different groups.

This winter the group of determined bitcoiners put to Reddit several posts about CEO of GAW Miners Josh Garza. Garza demanded from the administrator to remove the posts. Theymos had to concede and removed some posts

“‘Josh Garza and his lawyers keep sending me legal threats to try to get me to remove things from /r/Bitcoin and, which is extremely suspicious and annoying,”he wrote later.

The same group of bitcoin users retaliated Garza with another wave of critical posts. The conflict was going one for a long time and finished only when the North American Bitcoin Conference had begun.


Roman Korizky