A new bitcoin app transforms any computer or laptop into a telephone. It is not necessary to install any software or even register. All that users need is some bitcoin.

BitPhone is a new app designed by Solid Cloud, LLC, an Arizona-based company working with cloud technologies. Its founder, Gavin Stevens, sees BitPhone as a rival to Skype:

“Skype is great for Peer-to-Peer communications and talking with your friends and family. Skype does need to be installed however which can't be done on many corporate or public computers. When calling phones, Skype's rates are quite high and the US$10 Skype credit minimum which you'll never get back is frustrating.”

BitPhone is different. It can be used from any computer or laptop, without any software: users can phone directly from their web browser. The calls are encrypted: according to Stevens, to break the encryption used by BitPhone “would take a little over 6.4 quadrillion years of computer processing time.” Users can also mask their caller ID.

To use BitPhone, it is not necessary to register. However, registration provides additional bonuses such as 15%-25% discount on calling rates. Users can pay in bitcoin and in 39 other cryptocurrencies.

CoinFox has already written about BitcoinFax, a service that allows users to send faxes online and pay in bitcoin.