Sonya Kuhnel launches the first Bitcoin Academy in South Africa to offer training courses on bitcoin and the blockchain technology for institutions, entrepreneurs, schools, and developers.

 The Bitcoin Academy opened in Cape Town and is located in the same Bandwidth Barn business incubator as BitHub, which launched in June. Sonya Kuhnel, the founder of the Bitcoin Academy, was one of the collaborators on the BitHub launch together with Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative. She also organised the first Bitcoin Africa conference, which was held in Cape Town in April. The second Bitcoin Africa conference will be held in Johannesburg in March 2016.

The Academy currently offers three courses for individuals who want to learn about bitcoin: Bitcoin 101 Course, Blockchain 101 Course, and Blockchain-based application course. The last one is for developers only who wish to build their apps based on the blockchain technology. The courses last one day and are subject to fees. The Bitcoin Academy offers training online, onsite, or in the classroom.

Kuhnel founded a bitcoin company The Bitcoin Payments in November 2013, which was a BitPay affiliate in South Africa. At the moment the website of the company is under construction. 

“When I first started in the bitcoin space, I encountered significant resistance towards digital currencies from individuals and businesses in South Africa,” said Kuhnel.

Aliona Chapel