Early bitcoin adopter from Greely, Colorado, developed an app that will make bitcoin payments easier for gas stations. His gas station accepts bitcoin since 2013.

The author claims that his app makes bitcoin acceptance for gas stations much easier than before.

This is a Google Chrome packaged application that runs in Kiosk mode and allow customers to pay with bitcoins. It sits beside my credit card terminal and allow for my convenience store/gas station to take bitcoin payments.

Presently any person can download the app and install it on his tablet computer. The creator warns that the current version of the app works with the Coinbase bitcoin wallet frame. It was tested on Windows 8.1. tablet.

Please feel free to use at your own risk,” says the creator

Author decided to create the app after his personal experience with bitcoin at the gas station

We started accepting bitcoins on December 31, 2013. At the time we were the only gas station anywhere that accepted bitcoin

Refueling for bitcoins is not an easy task. Only some gas stations in US and Europe are accepting bitcoin. Recently, London-based company Spectrocoin introduced bitcoin payment options to Lukoil gas stations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as a Lithuanian taxi service Vilnius veža

Roman Korizky