The Global Agenda Council of World Economic Forum conducted a survey among 800 executives and experts.  The majority of them believe in the bright future of bitcoin.

According to the Survey, 58% of the respondents expect that the role of bitcoin and blockchain in the global GDP will increase significantly in ten years’ time.

The Survey states, that “the total worth of bitcoin in the blockchain is around $20 billion, or about 0.025% of global GDP of around $80 trillion”.

Among the positive effects of the blockchain technology the authors of the survey mention “disintermediation of financial institutions, as new services and value exchanges are created directly on the blockchain”, “an explosion in tradable assets”, and better property records.

The survey does not provide any “negative impact” points for the blockchain and bitcoin technology. Instead, it states that the blockchain will lead to “increased transparency, as the blockchain is essentially a global ledger storing all transactions.”

The survey also advises decision-makers to pay special attention to so-called smart contracts.

This year the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland held its first seminar dedicated to virtual currencies. The title of the 30-minute seminar was ‘From Bucks to Bitcoins’. It dealt with possible disruption of financial services and transformation of consumer behaviour due to the expansion of digital finance. 

During the forum, CEO of Xapo bitcoin company Wences Casares visited Davos to promote bitcoin, but the outcome of this visit remains unclear.


Roman Korizky