#FutureIsHereNow. This is the hashtag of the Open Innovations technology forum and show ongoing in Moscow, VDNH, 28 October - 1 November. The Coinfox CEO is among the participants.

Here you can play chess with a robot, try yourself as a Formula-1 pilot, learn how the Braille glove works and meet a real cosmonaut.

You may also have a chance to meet prominent bitcoin-enthusiasts, such as Caterina Rindi, San Francisco, US, and listen to the CEO of CoinFox, who is going to launch his own version of bitcoin wallet soon and will present it during the last day of the show.


The presentation of the CoinFox Wallet is scheduled for Sunday and will take place at HSE (The Higher School of Economics) stand at 2 p.m. Earlier CoinFox reported that HSE joined QIWI to launch a series of workshops dedicated to blockchain.

The upcoming CoinFox Wallet is a unique product providing a bank level integrity and security along with making bitcoin easier to access for ordinary users.

Maria Rudina