Taringa!, the largest content platform in Latin America, visited by more than 75 million people monthly, launched its revenue sharing program Taringa! Creadores six months ago and until now it has distributed 194.581.657 bits, that is, the equivalent of around 195 BTC or 76,100 USD, informs the Argentinian advertisement portal DossierNet.

Taringa! Creadores is a program with the purpose to allow its users to receive income in the digital currency bitcoin by publishing quality content on Taringa!’s social platform. First a user shares his or her best ideas (for instance, their best recipe or favourite video game) in a public post. Then Taringa! Creadores calculates how much income the post has generated from advertisements and weekly deposits part of the revenue to the user’s virtual wallet.

According to Taringa! Creadores, the amount of money a post generates does not necessarily depend on its popularity, but rather on the country of provenance of the visitors. Posts associated with advertisements seen by visitors from the US, Spain, Mexico and Columbia generate the greatest income for their creators. In order to share its revenue with the users, Taringa! collaborates with the bitcoin wallet provider Xapo.

At the moment Taringa! Creadores counts 15,478 users and, thanks to the incentive provided by the revenue sharing program, the content production on the Taringa! platform has increased by 30%. The top five users benefited from the revenue sharing program have each accumulated between 660,729 bits (around 250 USD) and 5,494,256 bits (around 2,075 USD), and include a Mexican psychologist and a Spanish historian.


Diana Bogdan


# Alejandro 2015-11-16 19:52
Colombia* and yes Taringa Creadores is a very good way of earning Bitcoins, much better than faucets and all that stuff