CoinPayments, a cryptocurrency payment processor, has announced its plans to create the first universal wallet for all cryptocurrencies in the world. In order to raise money, the start-up is going to issue its own tokens. 

According to CoinPayments’s Chief Marketing Officer Ward Stirrat, the company decided to create their tokens because they are considered to be an important and quick-growing sector in the bitcoin economy (Bitcoin 2.0). Stirrat sees coin and token sales as a considerable resource for fundraising in the future. Moreover, he gives preferences to token trade over shares sales explaining that “tokens allow not just speculative holding but actual commercial activity.”

However, in his interview to Cointelegraph, CEO of and Fund Manager Bitcoin Capital Simon Dixon speculates that “coin sales attract lots of smaller investors and equity sales attract a smaller number of high net worth investors.” Besides, he explained the difference between those two asset classes for investors, saying that coins could be converted into cash quickly and with minimal impact to the price received but they are more risky. On the contrary, equities are better protected legally but they are less liquid.

The name of the new tokens to be released by CoinPayments is not still revealed, but the release is scheduled for the second quarter of 2016.

Anna Lavinskaya