BitFury's project to implement portable mining devices into light bulbs has undergone multiple iterations, the company's representative shared with CoinDesk.

The innovative device with the working title MicroMiner was introduced last June and has been in development since then. It has two chips built inside it: one providing Wi-Fi and the other running bitcoin mining operations. The MicroMiner light bulb is the first Internet of Things device of this kind. The details were shared by Niko Punin, Head of Product Development at BirFury.

In December BitFury announced release of a new efficient 16nm Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chip with the computing power of 184 gigahash per second. The chip will be reportedly applied in the company’s new 100 MW bitcoin data centre built in Tbilisi, Georgia, together with the previous 28nm model, which was introduced in March 2015. Last July BitFury secured $20mln in funding to be spent on the company’s accelerating growth and its technology and business expansion.

BitFury is the leading bitcoin infrastructure producer and transaction processing company founded in 2011, with management offices in Washington DC and Amsterdam. The company owns data centres in Iceland and Georgia.

Sonya Belova