The Captain Drakins’ monthly bitcoin show has been launched today, meant to explain to the general public how bitcoin works. First episodes are backed by Bitalo but creators expect other sponsors to join.

Bitfilm production announced the launch of the show on 16 August but it is already available to watch. It is a cartoon designed by Indian, Polish and Argentinean animators. The host of the show is Captain Drakins, a red dragon carrying on his shoulder Nick the Parrat – “a genetic crossing of a rat and a parrot.” The background is an old pirate ship.

“Ahoy folks, it’s a pleasure to see you” – starts the jovial dragon. “Today ya will learn how to sell your own products for bitcoin. In the old days, if ya wanted to sell something online, ya needed your own website, a bank account and a credit card.”

Everything is changed now that bitcoin is there, the cartoon explains. Anyone can use it, be it in a Berkeley dorm or in an African village. Unbanked are no longer excluded from the global economy. No one can control your bitcoins. It is easy to set your own shop. And, says the host while we notice a Che Guevara portrait hanging in the Berkeley dorm,

“No more exploitation by big corporations.”

Indeed, the main target group, according to the site, are “young people who care about social justice and a fair distribution of wealth” and one of the goals is to show them that bitcoin will succeed in “making the world a better place” faster than government regulations and interventions.

The second and the third episodes, scheduled respectively for September and October, will be dedicated to “offering your services for bitcoin” and “changing bitcoins into conventional money.” All initial episodes are sponsored by Bitalo, a bitcoin marketplace, payment provider and cryptocurrency exchange, and during the show the company is briefly mentioned as one of the possible solutions. Bitfilm offers other bitcoin companies to sponsor following episodes respectively related to their activities.

Bitfilm has already produced videos for Colored Coins, Genesis Mining, Mycelium, KnCMiner and other bitcoin and blockchain enterprises.


Alexey Tereshchenko