Two latest versions of Bitcoin Core, which include activation of the SegWit code, have gained the support of nearly 3,000 nodes out of the total 6,022 in the bitcoin network.

According to, on 17 February the version of Bitcoin Core 0.13.1 is shared by 1,283 nodes or 21.31% of the network. The number of reachable nodes with 0.13.12 version of Bitcoin Core is 1,663 or 27.62%.

SegWit implementation will happen as soon as 95% of miners have signalled its activation and 2,016 blocks are generated during the retarget period.

Meanwhile, over the last month, another type of bitcoin nodes have shown rapid growth. According to Coin Dance, the number of Bitcoin Unlimited nodes has exceeded 700. They now account for 11.72% of all reachable nodes, while Bitcoin Classic and Bitcoin XT are supported by only 2.24% and 0.53% of all nodes respectively.

The rapid growth of Bitcoin Unlimited began in mid-January from the modest 400 nodes and is expected to double that number soon. The largest mining pool supporting Bitcoin Unlimited is ViaBTC. BTC.TOP and GBMiners pools are also using the alternative version of the client.

However, some users on Reddit suggest that the surge of Bitcoin Unlimited nodes will cease in the near term since they have only one month of free VPS trial, and many of those who has been testing this version may abandon it after the trial period ends.

The Bitcoin Unlimited client allows every node operator or miner to set up their own blocksize limit as an alternative to the fixed 1 MB limit of the Bitcoin Core protocol.

Elena Platonova