Will Channels is a secure anonymous messenger powered by the blockchain technology. It is claimed to offer functionality beyond any other text exchange service.

“We seek to build a multipurpose application enabling users to do a lot of things without being distracted from communication. We believe that today’s messenger is a single-window app allowing the user, in addition to communication, to make purchases online, send gifts, make contactless payments; as well as search news, books, music and video and share it with friends straight away; to meet up, book hotels, order food and taxi, and much more,” reads the project’s press release.

In their approach the app’s design, the Will Channels team follows the example of the popular Chinese messenger Wechat, which offers its 1-billion client base multiple accessory functions including a built-in wallet and internal application market.

Will Channels will feature a multi-cryptocurrency wallet and provide a platform for external dapps to be integrated. Unlike its Chinese counterpart, the messenger will be open to the world and guarantee users’ anonymity in a secure and censorship-free environment.

“At this point, we have a working prototype with all basic functionality implemented. It is ready for message exchange and group chatting,” the devs state.

After the project’s ICO, created user wallets will act as peers in a decentralised messaging network. Prior to that, provided there is a demand, the team may consider running the application in a test mode using their own servers.

Updated information on the forthcoming ICO and developers’ news will be published on the project’s website willcha.nl.