The number of mined blocks signalling Bitcoin Unlimited within the last 2,016 blocks has reached 643, against 546 blocks voting for the SegWit solution.

According to, over the last two weeks, the share of Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) has risen to 31.85%, while SegWit accounts for 27.08% of the total number of mined blocks. The speed of block extraction in the bitcoin system is 144 per day.

As the last week’s data show, within the most recent 1,000 blocks, the gap between BU and SegWit is even more significant. According to Node Counter, 353 of the mined blocks signalled the BU solution and 266 for SegWit.

The number of nodes supporting BU has not significantly changed and is still about 602.

The position of BU remains strong even after the last week’s news about a long overlooked bug in its program code. The number of supporting nodes shortly fell to 245 but quickly recovered to the previous level.

The principal miners of BU blocks are Slush, BTC.TOP, ViaBTC,, GBMiners, and the largest miner in the bitcoin network AntPool, which recently joined the list of the alt solution’s proponents. Within the last 24 hours, AntPool has created 35 blocks, only two of them not flagging support for BU.

While the confrontation between the two scaling solutions intensifies, bitcoin price has dropped by over 20%. If on 16 March, the cryptocurrency traded at about $1,200, two days later its price fell to $947, the lowest mark since 31 January. A corrective uptrend soon brought bitcoin above $1,000 again, and as of 20 March, it is trading at around $1,035.

Elena Platonova