Guests will meet supporters of the decentralised economy, successful blockchain developers and entrepreneurs, and enjoy an exhibition of specialised equipment for the industry.

On 19 May, the capital of the Czech Republic will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague – an event dedicated to the development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Prague is one of the most important bitcoin centres in Europe. The city has about a hundred sites that receive bitcoins (including bitcoin- only businesses without fiat currencies). Employees at these places often receive salaries in cryptocurrencies and are interested in attracting more clients.

A bitcoin user can have a lunch, stay in a hotel and pay for educational and domestic services in Prague with the cryptocurrency. A number of shops would accept a bitcoin card along with traditional currency.

Implementation of contactless chips, which can also be used for bitcoin transactions, is quite popular among citizens of the Czech Republic.

These and other matters will be discussed at the conference.

Topics include the development of cryptocurrencies, blockchain in Govtech, blockchain services in Fintech as well as legal issues. Participants will study existing projects – from the initial idea to the moment of entering the market and monetization.

The event’s organiser is Smile-Expo Company renowned for hosting successful blockchain conferences in Tallinn, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev.

You can register and find further details on the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague website.