Crowdsale production capacity of the largest U.S. mining farm is possible until 31 July 2017.

Dave Carlson, founder of MegaBigPower mining company, plans to build the biggest mining farm in North America, invites all who wish to purchase services mining full cycle on his farm Giga Watt (new form MegaBigPower). Crowdsale is conducted on the blockchain platform Cryptonomos. In the framework of crowdsale the offered tokens Giga Watt (WTT), which allow access to the productive capacities of farms in the United States without payment of rent for over 50 years. One token entitles you to accommodation the equivalent of 1 watt of power consumption for your miner. The cost of the token is around $1-$1.2 m depending on the date of purchase.

In practice, this means that the owner of the token will have the opportunity to connect to a mining system for more than reasonable price. For example, if the number you plan to connect miners (which can also be purchased via Giga Watt) ranges from 1 to 9, the cost of a conventional connection of 9.75 cents per kWh, and in the possession of tokens is 3.3 cents per kWh. As indicated in the White book of the project in the standard package of services "turnkey" includes the rental space, installation and day to day support of customer equipment for mining on a farm in the town of Wenatchee in Washington state. For a fee, the company provides, if necessary, repair of the equipment located directly on the mining-farm service center. The number of tokens required for a single miner is determined by its power consumption. For example, to embed miner ASIC miner S9 with hasraton of 13.5 TH/s and power consumption 1,323 kWh +10% will be required to purchase the same number of tokens WTT, 1456. To place the farm miners can be operating on the basis of ASIC or GPU. Those who own their own mining hardware, will be able to post it with the fee for the installation ($20 for ASIC and $40 for GPU). Depending on the number of hosted miners fee for hosting will not exceed 0.23 cents/Watt in a day. According to calculations the creators of the project with the help of such services of anyone can mine bitcoins at cost of production less $600. Also WTT token holders will be able to mine not only bitcoins but Ethereum, Litecoin, and, in the future, other cryptocurrencies.

WTT token holders can not only use them to host your own miners, but also to rent their tokens to third parties to embed their mining equipment. According to calculations the creators of the project, daily profit from putting tokens in rent will be 0.1-0.15 cents per token (37-57 cents a year, with the token). Primary offer tokens of the project Giga Watt started on June 2 and will end on July 31. The first batch of tokens is scheduled for August 7th. As of July 10, they already sold 14.3 million WTT tokens. The total number on offer for sale tokens is limited to 30 million WTT. To buy WTT tokens you can use bitcoin, ether or by Bank transfer in us dollars.

Upon completion of the initial proposals of the token hosting the miners will be offered to retail customers only through tokens. Accordingly, customers that do not have tokens, will have to take them out from holders of tokens.