The company UNISOLEX, formerly known as Solar Wind, has announced the launch of Solar DAO — an ambitious blockchain-based project on the Ethereum platform.

The preliminary round of the ICO starts on July 27 and will last until the end of the summer. Is it possible to become an investor with just $1, and get dividends many years later? One of the oldest Russian companies operating in the field of solar energy, sure you can.

Founded in 1991, the company produces solar modules for spacecraft, Solar Wind, the first in the world, launched the production of double-sided solar modules that then earned them fame in the international market. Team Soar Wind participated in the construction of solar power plants (SPP) in Germany, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Greece, as well as supplying solar panels in Australia and Canada. Her efforts were launched for production in Russia, Spain and Israel. Since 2013, the company continued operating under the brand UNISOLEX, focusing on the development and implementation of investment projects in Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Poland) and CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, Moldova). In the spring of 2017 UNISOLEX announced the launch of blockchain-project: decentralized Autonomous organization of the Solar DAO.

"We decided to realize a long-time dream of creating the platform, through which any person will be able to participate in the financing of large SES, with a budget from $1", — says the creators of Solar DAO. To date, the construction of SES remains available for those wishing to invest small amounts ($100-10000). Those who are willing to invest more faced with the need to bear additional costs (technical audit the study of the law, registration of legal entities, mediation) comparable to the amount of investment. Thus, according to Solar DAO, investors not possessing a capital of $1 million and above, cannot become a full member the PV market. The purpose of the Solar DAO is to eliminate this barrier.

"Solar DAO — blockchain project, which will allow you to own solar power plants around the world with minimal risk. Solar DAO offers the latest format of a financial instrument that allows users to easily, securely and anonymously Fund the construction of SES, avoiding costs of intermediaries. Solar DAO will operate as an investment Fund, constantly increasing the total capacity of solar power plants under management due to sales and refinancing ready SES for the construction of new", — stated in the official documents of the company.

Simplified procedure for possession of assets is associated with the use of technology "smart contracts" that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and allowing investors to invest and receive dividends without passing additional procedures and, in particular, maintaining complete anonymity. It is important to note that the Ethereum platform involves the conclusion of contracts which the investors' funds remain intact until then, not yet accomplished it or another event prescribed in the contract. In the case that all linked data in the event promises will be fulfilled, the amount is automatically credited to the account decentralized autonomous organizations. If the obligations are not done, the money will be returned back to the investor. Details of the ICO: As soon as the total capacity of power plants located in the management of Solar DAO is increased, the price of tokens will increase.

Read more about the features of investing in solar energy, priorities ICO and the company's plans for the future can be found in the "white paper" and official website of Solar DAO.