Emercoin has presented a solution for web servers that allows you to make requests to the book distributed data without the ability to make transactions.

Book distributed data in the public cryptocurrency, but because if you want to open the API of blockchain, it is necessary to provide full access to the wallet. The new script EmcProxy increases the safety of use of the blockchain API, Proxima allowed teams with emercoin. The solution allows you to provide access to the blockchain API without passwords, but at the same time, limiting access to printer operations.

As a result, users who will use the web server EmcProxy will be able to send requests into the blockchain, but will not be able to withdraw coins from the wallet server.

The solution is available for the following operating systems: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (amd64), RHEL/Centos 7 (x86_64), Debian 8 (amd64), Debian 8 (armhf). To install the solutions you need to put the script EmcProxy into the server, which deems the parameters for connecting to the wallet and allowed the team to perform.