The capitalization of altcoin, which was born on 1 August after an alternative chain separated from the bitcoin network on August 1, has risen to $10 billion, but later corrected down to $8 billion.

The number of coins in circulation is 16482113. The maximum number of tokens to be mined is 21 million, the same as in the main chain of bitcoin.

The total cost of bitcoin and its fork exceeded $3,500. The trading volume of Bitcoin Cash exceeds $380 million over the past 24 hours, with bitcoin showing $1.2 billion 24-hours trading volume. Bitcoin Cash is now the third cryptocurrency after bitcoin and Ethereum by its capitalisation and 24-hours trading volume, according to the CoinMarketCap ranking.

Almost a half of trading activity with Bitcoin Cash was made on Bittrex. This exchange platform demonstrated the highest rates of Bitcoin Cash. Thus, at 15.30 UTC the price of the new altcoin jumped to 0.485789 BTC ($1,326), but after an hour returned to 0.3 BTC. Currently The Bitcoin Cash rate at Kraken exceeded $800, but then fell to $700. Bitcoin Cash demonstrates the lowest rate at Bitfinex. As of 18.00 UTC it traded at $410 per coin.

But trading activity was available only for those users who held their bitcoins on the exchange accounts at the moment of the hardfork.

Bitcoin Cash appeared as a result of the hard fork on 1 August at 12.20.

The first Bitcoin Cash block was produced by the ViaBTC pool after almost six hours at 18.12 UTC after the hard fork. The size of this block was 1.9 MB. After the fork, the nodes of the new chain came into conflict with each other, but later the situation was corrected.

On the eve of the hard fork, a number of exchanges suspended bitcoin trading for security reasons. After the fork, work disruptions were observed on several large exchanges platforms, such as Bittrex, Kraken, which were affected by the influx of users seeking to quickly start trading Bitcoin Cash.

Other altcoins continue to remain in the flat zone. Traders are trying to multiply their assets with the help of “free” coins, and those owners of new tokens that kept bitcoins on cold wallets during the hard fork are waiting for exchanges to start accepting deposits in Bitcoin Cash.