The European exchange Bitstamp has announced that its customers who left their bitcoins on their accounts during the hard fork, will receive Bitcoin Cash in the near future. And Coinbase may face a lawsuit due to its decline to distribute alternative tokens to its clients.

“For those of our customers who chose to leave their BTC on our platform at the time of the fork, we recorded their BCH balances for the timestamp of the last common block (block 478558). These BCH balances will be made available to our customers as soon as it is safe to do so. If and when the Bitcoin Cash system has been thoroughly tested and is sufficiently stable, we will then consider listing BCH,” Bitstamp's statement reads.

The European exchange is the first one so far to change its mind on Bitcoin Cash. Other exchanges, like Gemini and GDAX, which announced that they would not support Bitcoin Cash, still remain silent on this issue.

Furthermore, Coinbase may face a collective lawsuit due to its position not to support the new cryptocurrency, born after the split of the bitcoin network.

Coinbase's customers accuse the platform of appropriating their Bitcoin Cash tokens instead of distributing them between clients.

Before the hard fork activation, Coinbase announced that:

“Coinbase will not support the BCC blockchain or digital currency. Any bitcoin within customers’ accounts will remain accessible on the main blockchain only. If you wish to have access to both BTC and BCC, please be sure to send your BTC off the platform by July 31.”

On the eve of the hard fork, Coinbase customers withdrew more than 400,000 bitcoins from their Coinbase accounts and transferred them to wallets and other exchanges that decided to provide support for the alternative token.

Despite the warning made by Coinbase, many users did not withdraw their funds from their exchange accounts. Now they say they have the right to receive Bitcoin Cash, and threaten the company with lawsuits, writes.

Coinbase may face serious legal problems, believes one legal scholar, Tim Wu.

Wu wrote in his twitter, that Coinbase's announcement will not help them to avoid token distribution. He also analogized the situation to a brokerage firm not giving stock splits to their customers.


Imagine a stock split where the broker declined to issue the new stock to its owners-- that the @coincase position right now

Dissatisfied customers of the exchange have already begun to unite in initiative groups. There is a website, aimed to help Coinbase customers get Bitcoin Cash tokens from the exchange.

It's worth remembering that the list of the exchanges supporting Bitcoin Cash includes Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kraken, Bithumb, Korbit, and all Chinese exchanges like OKCoin, Huobi, BTCChina, Yunbi, CHBTC, BTC38, ViaBTC.