The noise from working video cards and air conditioning systems has pushed other residents of an apartment building in the Russian Far Eastern city of Vladivostok to write a complaint to the police.

According to 51-year-old Irina Grebenkova, resident of the condominium #30 on the Tukhachevskogo str in Vladivostok, her neighbours installed ten computers in the summer of 2017, which have been working 24/7, and, in her opinion, are involved in mining activity, Vladivostok News portal writes.

“The noise from that hardware is terrible, there are ten computers in the apartment. The air in the apartment supposedly became very hot, and they installed powerful air-conditioners, which produce noise as well. It became impossible to live here. It seems that we live on a helipad! Noise is heard day and night. During the nights, signals of the equipment are heard, and there are vibrations throughout the apartment. We, frankly speaking, do not have chances to sleep at night. It's impossible to fall asleep. I live in this apartment with my husband, son and grandson,” the woman complained.

Irina says that the neighbours promised to solve the problem with the noise, but later she could not get in touch with them. She mentioned that miners do not use the apartment themselves and live in another house.

Other residents of the condominium affirm that there is strange noise coming out from the apartment. She wrote a complaint to local law enforcement agencies saying that such noise violates the regional law on securing silence.

The owner of the apartment and suspect miner confirmed to the journalist of the news portal that he is engaged in mining activities, but denied the high level of noise.

“There is nothing criminal happening in my apartment. This equipment performs something like bitcoin mining. Due to the fact that there are ten computers that are online 24 hours a day, the room temperature reaches 25-26° C. Naturally, you need to cool the room. The first air conditioner stopped working, so I installed another one. The neighbour reacted inadequately. She claimed that it does not allow her to live comfortably, although the cooling system is on my balcony, not on hers.  Air conditioning worked round the clock, and the neighbour began to panic. We tried to contact her four times, asking to let us come in into her apartment in order to understand the nature of the noise. I said: "Let's solve the problem with the noise, and we will not swear any more!" But she refused to do it. Additionally, she threatened us saying that she was going to put us in jail,” the owner the apartment, who introduced himself as Alexey, said.