Turkish authorities have claimed to investigate the first murder committed in Turkey for bitcoin. The murder took place in Antalya.

A person named Şükrü Ersoy was killed by those who wanted to transfer his assets in bitcoin from his account to their one. Ersoy was found by the police patrolling the Kadriye District of Antalya at 03.00 at night.

The suspects are said to have killed Ersoy in a fight, when they tried to force him to transfer his $40-50,000 in bitcoin to their accounts. Şükrü Mert Ersoy had many traces of assault his body. One of suspected murders is said to be a close friend of the victim.

According to the statement made by the Antalya Security Directorate, Şükrü Mert Ersoy was interested in the "Bitcoin network" business, and he wanted to earn a high profit from this business. It is noted that the suspected murder was also connected with this work, the Turkish Newspaper Sozcu reports.

Turkey is not a big market for bitcoin. According to coin.dance, the weekly trading volume on LocalBitcoins in Turkey accounts only for 33 BTC, with the highest level demonstrated in February, when the weekly trading volume peaked at 151 BTC.