LavkaLavka, a Russian eco-farming and retail network, has attracted $2 million within the first round of its Initial Coin Offering.

More than 2,100 persons participated in the crowdsale of LavkaLavka's tokens named Biocoin. The first round if ICO took place within the period from 25 September until 8 October. According to LavkaLavka founder Boris Akimov, about 80% of crowdsale participants invested in biocoins small sums like $50-$80. 50 biocoins were being sold for $1 within the latest crowdsale round, Vedomosti newspaper reports.

The next two rounds of the ICO are scheduled for 1-2 November and 3 November - 1 December.

The overall sum that LavkaLavka intends to attract via ICO is set at $15 million.

In July, LavkaLavka issued 1 billion biocoins. 800 million of biocoins are reserved for public coin offerings.

Biocoin will serve as an international blockchain-based loyalty platform, built on Ethereum. Biocoins can be used as loyalty reward points and can be exchanged for products.

Still, the project falls behind schedule, as in summer Akimov expected biocoins to start trading on crypto-exchanges in October. Earlier LavkaLavka announced cooperation with the Russian investment Voskhod platform in order to attract investments from China, but Voskhod was stopped from crypto trading by the Russian Central bank.

This delay may be related to latest tough statements of the Russian Central Bank which demanded that the MFB Clearing Center, established by the NP RTS Association, refuse to deal with cryptocurrencies. The Voskhod investment platform is another project of the NP RTS Association.