The American exchange CME Group expects that trading of bitcoin futures will begin in the second week of December.

“I think sometime in the second week in December you'll see our contracts out for listing,” CME Group Chairman Terry Duffy said in a conversation with CNBC.

He explained that if the bitcoin exchange rate changes too drastically, then trades will be suspended for a while so that traders will not lose their assets. Bitcoin futures trading according to traditional trading rules will also contribute to the overall improvement of the cryptocurrency market, Duffy suggested.

He refused to give his forecast for the bitcoin price.

“I can't answer your first question because I have no idea and again I should not be trying to predict the price of products. I'm here to manage the risks of the product. There are some people saying it's worth twenty-five or thirty-five thousand [dollars]. Some people say it's worth zero, so it's a big spread there.”

Previously, CME Group published specifications of future contracts for bitcoins. According to them, trading will not be permitted outside the 20% above and below prior settlement price.